A chair is not just a chair at Sidiz. From product development to engineering, testing, and manufacturing products, the world of chairs might be a bit more complicated than you have ever imagined. While there are many different factors to consider, here we focus on the aesthetic aspects of Sidiz products.

Our first ever chair was designed in 1987. By introducing this product, a small manufacturer led its first step to the world showing its practical and moderate value.

Continuing its craftsmanship, Sidiz is now known by many. We received REDDOT Design Award, IF Design Award, IDEA, and JAPAN GOOD Design Award, only to mention the major design awards.

So what are the hidden secrets? How did SIDIZ make all this possible in such a short time? We give credit to Studio ONE and our design development.

※ Studio ONE is a designing and engineering hub based in Seoul. In 2018, 20% of our office workers were placed here.

First of all, based on in-house design management, our designers are able to creatively fulfill their imagination. At Studio ONE, we have sample materials and gadgets so designers can quickly build mockups. This allows quick tryouts of our ideas and open communication with other colleagues bringing effective synergy.

Secondly, Sidiz actively collaborates with masters having great experience in the field. Claudio Bellini, an architecture and designer from Italy, is one of our major partners. Together, Sidiz produced several unique items. Button and Spoon for casual meeting places or home, and Fungus as a multi-use chair you see below are good examples.

After all, it's hard to say that design is everything, but it definitely is an important factor when you look at products. While all have different tastes, Sidiz pursues aesthetically exceptional products and we hope you noticed it while reading through this article.