Our Followers - Ep.1

A quarter century. Full 25 years is a period long enough to bring up an infant to a grown up. Also, that's how long Sidiz made chairs. Throughout the years, Sidiz worked significant hours on developing products and understanding the market. This journey was mostly accompanied by business customers, and here we'll discover why business customers could have confidence choosing Sidiz.

Some may have not known, but Sidiz exhibits in global furniture shows. The biggest shows Sidiz participates in are ORGATEC in Cologne, Germany, and NeoCon in Chicago. By doing so, Sidiz was able to expand its scope to over 570 branches in 70 countries worldwide. Even now Sidiz is managing abundant distribution networks so customers can experience the products to the fullest.

Additionally, as in-house designers and engineers visit global exhibitions, Sidiz is able to constantly study on the newest trends and keep up with its innovation.