Work-From-Home Culture and Sidiz

Work-from-home/learn-from-home policies by governments, private companies, and schools have appeared all over the world. Demand for home office-style chairs increased as telecommuting and online classes increased as well. Here, finding a good home office chair became a task for us that was lastingly accomplished with the healthier work-lifestyle solutions offered by Sidiz.

The T50 is an all-time favorite. It includes an ergonomic, back-supporting design which allows the chair to move naturally with you in every single position. The S-curved backrest is made of high quality polyester-striped mesh, which provides excellent ventilation and robust lumbar support. It will make long hours sitting, more productive, and much more comfortable. With the advanced multi-limited tilting mechanism, you may set the chair to 5 different tilting angles and lean to the degree you wish. You can also change the seat slope or slide and adjust the armrest and the headrest. All of these functions together allow you to configure the chair to your exact, personal preference. Many Amazon customer reviews attest to the high product quality.

The T80 is even more deluxe. Its patented mechanism, co-designed with ITO design studio in Germany, engineered by Sidiz, makes it possible for the chair to support your body more closely, just a fraction from your back. The key feature of the T80 is its adjustable tilting tension. This ultimate sync mechanism will optimize the chair's capacity to conform to your natural body movement, which is further assisted by the adjustable seat slide and slope, memory foam and high elastic sponge seat cushion. A virtually unlimited range of body postures is possible because of the T80’s tilt mechanism, designed to fully support you.

We are now in a point where many of us are adapting to the work from home culture. Working from home is not just a sudden trend or fleeting fad, but a further evolution of company work culture which is more deeply embedding the turn toward a more flexible environment. While we are yet in a transit stage, we believe a more productive and efficient way of working can be actualized through our little changes. Reorganize your working space. Sidiz will gladly help you.