Meet T50 in Black

Children's Chair for

Creative Work




Redefine a Chair


Meet T50

in Black

Children's Chair for

Creative Work


All-time favorite, T50

Comfortable and highly adjustable


T50 series

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Function & Material

Essential functions to customize your chair and

Carefully chosen materials for better user experience


Mesh Back

High quality mesh back 

for long term use


Multi Sync

Multi limited tilting (5 step) 

+ Syncronized tilting


Nylon Casters

Durable Casters



Lumbar Support

2-way adjustable

lumbar support



Adjustable seat



3-D Armrest

3-way adjustable armrest

User's Voice

Here’s what others say about our product.


This model/brand I feel like is a good starter for people wanted to get a ergonomic chair

 but not wanting to invest a mortgage payment.

It comfortably seats two overweight poms

or one of my overweight behinds. 

Overall I really like this chair

and would recommend 

if you are looking for a more

affordable ergonomic chair. 


The chair has a high mesh back, 3-way adjustable arms, an adjustable seat slide/slope & a 360 swivel gas lift. Not only can you do basic chair height adjustments but you can also adjust the seat to slide out or tilt for the perfect ergonomic fit. Its easily the most customizable chair I’ve ever used.

As a person who knows daily pain this chair is really nice at relieving it. It’s so easy to sit in this chair and be completely comfortable for hours. It’s lightweight and the mesh keeps you cool. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it’s a phenomenal chair. 


When it comes to assembling furniture, I am not the best, but putting the chair together was very straightforward and it didn’t take no more than 20 minutes. This chair comes with an adjustable seat slide and slope, so you can customize it to how it fits you! It also comes with a height adjustable gas lift. The S-shape backrest prevents the body from back pain and creates a better posture for oneself. The high quality polyester stripe mesh provides a comfortable seating experience with good ventilation for a long-term use. 


“Normal office workers sit more than 

  15 hours every day” (Forbes)

Do you think it’s nonsense?

Think about the long hours you spend having breakfast, commuting to work, 

sitting in office, and watching TV when you come back home. 

You really might be overstraining your backbone.


While you can’t avoid these long hours seated on a chair, you may easily improve this experience.

Here’s why T50 can be a pleasant solution for you.


T50 Series

Carefully designed to fully support you, T50 is highly customizable.

Scroll down to learn more why T50 is our all-time favorite.

Practical and Beautiful

T50 is not only beautiful, but also practical in the ergonomic point of view.

It ideally supports your back, helping you stay comfortable all day long.

With T50 moving naturally with you, you‘ll be supported in every single position.


Sidiz’s high quality polyester-striped mesh backrest provides a comfortable seating experience. 

Good ventilation will surprisingly improve your work focus.

T50’s mesh backrest allows good ventilation

Sitting on a regular chair with the fan on


Sitting on a mesh chair with the fan on


Examined with CX-Series / Body heat was measured before and after sitting on the chair for 15 minutes.

Please note that the result may be shown different in alternative circumstances.

Customizing Your chair


Tilting Angle Adjustment

This is the lower left lever.

Push the lever down, and lean until you reach the angle you feel comfortable. 

Then, pull the lever up, and then the chair will be locked to that angle. 

You can easily change the setting whenever you want.


Multi-limited Tilting Chair

Some people like to lay back

and relax on their chairs, while others prefer a straight position.


With T50, you can customize your chair for your utmost comfort.


Tilting Strength Adjustment

This is the lower right lever.


By turning the lever towards your side,

the chair will be more easily tilted. 

By turning the lever outsides, the chair will be more sturdy to tilt.

Tilting Angle

Step 1 : 0˚           Step 2 : 6˚           Step 3 : 13˚

Step 4 : 19˚         Step 5 : 25˚

Key Features of T50


Adjustable Seat

Ergonomic comfort for your body.

You can adjust the seat slide and slope to 

find the best position for you. Instead of 

constantly rolling your body on an 

uncomfortable chair, adjust the chair as 

you wish.


Adjustable Armrest

Comfort for long time use.

T50’s armrest moves in 3 different ways. 

It moves up and down, back and forth, 

and left to right. With this function, your 

shoulders and wrists will not be affected.


Carpet Casters

(for soft floors)

T50’s casters made with engineering 

plastic are durable.




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